2020 Show Dates
for the love of the chin

Shows 2020 (* denotes no cc's, italics denotes an open show))

* Boston & District Ch Show

12th January 2020

Mr L Grogan

Manchester Ch Show

18th January 2020

Mrs J Lilley

Japanese Chin Club Open Show

29th February 2020

Miss L Lindsay

Crufts Ch Show

5th March 2020

Dr Andreas Schemel

United Kingdom Toydog Society Ch Show 

28th March 2020

S Payne


25th April 2020

Mr G Thomas

Birmingham National Ch Show

9th May 2020

Mr J Steele

Scottish Kennel Club Ch Show

15th May 2020

Mr N Marsh

Bath Ch Show

24th May 2020

Mr B Rushton

Southern Counties Ch Show

29th May 2020

Dr A Paloheimo

Southern Japanese Chin Club Open Show (being held in conjunction with Southern Counties Ch Show)

29th May 2020

Miss S Chambers

Three Counties Ch Show

5th June 2020

Mr A Easdon

Border Union Ch Show

20th June 2020

Mrs L Ratter

Blackpool Ch Show

26th June 2020

Mr G Farmer

Windsor Ch Show

5th July 2020

Mrs J Sparrow

East of England Ch Show

11th July 2020

Mrs S Boyer

Leeds Ch Show

26thJuly 2020

Mr S Cayton

Japanese Chin Club Open Show

18th July 2020

Mr D Owen

*Paignton Ch Show

4th August 2020

Bournemouth Ch Show

8th August 2020

Mr AD Stewart

Welsh Kennel Club Ch Show

21st August 2020

Miss L Tarabad

Scottish KC Ch Show

30th August 2020

City of Birmingham Ch Show

4th September 2020 

Richmond Ch Show

11th September 2020

Darlington Ch Show

18th September 2020

Mrs L Rushton

Driffield Ch Show

4th October 2020

South Wales Ch Show

9th October 2020

Mrs L Benton-Taylor

Japanese Chin Club Ch Show

17th October 2020

Mr M Rowley

Midland Counties Ch Show

23rd October 2020

Mrs l Gilhespy

Southern Japanese Chin Club Open Show

14th November 2020

Mrs Pauline Sidgwick

Special Awards classes

LKA Ch Show

12th December 2020

Mrs V Blore

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