Club Open Show 4th June 2022

Club Open Show held in conjunction with Southern Counties Ch Show 4th June 2022 Judge Pauline Sidgwick ( Paulian)  (32 exhibits 38 Entries)

Class 1, MPD (1) 1st Sansarc Ashoken Farewell Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy In Show 

Class 2, PD (1) Sansarc Show Must Go On

Class 3, JD (2,1abs) 1st Sheardream Eric

Class 4, ND (2) 1st Sansarc Ashoken Farewell. 2nd Evansly Enoki.

Class 5, PGD (4, 1abs)

1st Sharlarna Imperial Comanda        Res Best Dog & Best R/W in Show

2nd Jaschin Stop And Paws

3rd Amantra Eiji

Class 6, LD (3,1abs)

1st Ossidcia Shiro

2nd Sharlarna Tyson

Class 7, OD (4)

1st Salvador Dali By Sangria               Best Dog & Reserve Best In Show

2nd Littletigers Innuendo With Jaschin JW (Imp)

3rd Evansly Emoji

Res Sheardream Costa

Class 8 Spl R/W Novice D/B No entries

Class 9 Spl R/W Open D/B (2,1abs)

1st Sharlarna Imperial Comanda

Class 10 Norma George memorial Spl D/B

1st Salvador Dali By Sangria

2nd Sansarc Magnificent Charta

Class 11, MPB (3)

1st Spiritisle Fairy Magic  Best Puppy Bitch, Best R/W Puppy In Show & Best Puppy In Show

2nd Sharlarna Trinity

3rd Sansarc Buffalo Gal

Class 12, PB (3)

1st Sharlarna Hiflying Handbag

2nd Jaschin Fendi With Somergemz

3rd Spiritisle Angel Delight

Class 13, JB (1, Abs)

Class 14, NB (2,1abs)

1st Sansarc Buffalo Girl

Class 15, PGB (3)

1st Jaschin Paws For Applause               Best Bitch & Best In Show

2nd Sharlarna Temptress                                Res Best Bitch

3rd Aki Kaori Of Spiritisle

Class 16, LB (3,1abs)

1st Ennistar's Niagara At Spiritisle

2nd Evansly Erika

Class 17, OB (1)

1st Sansarc Magnificent Charta

Class 18 Vet D/B (1)

1st Jonsville Secret Smile At Evansly        Best Veteran In Show