Club Show 2016 - Results

For the love of the chin

Result for Southern Japanese Chin Club Show 12/11/16

Judge Mrs Liz Cartledge

BIS  Yama Teddy Edward

RBIS Yama Aurora

BP Yama Teddy Edward

BV Dekobras Gold Kard ay Merida

Best R/w Bonniroy Yanina Aka

Veteran D/B 3 (1abs)

1st Dekobras Gold Kard at Merida 2nd ClanDonald Kumiko

MPD 2 (1abs)

1st Bonniroy Yumi Aka at Yama

PD 1

1st Yama Teddy Edward

JD 2

1st Sharlarna The Tempest at Amronchi 2nd Sansarc Grand Toriono

ND 0

PGD 9 (6 abs)

1st Ouzelewell's Joroki 2nd Mattadam Samurai at Sharlana 3rd ClanDonald Katana

LD 5 (2abs)

1st Wyndcatch Take It Easy 2nd Vouges Roiyaru Kotogara at Akstella 3rd Sansarc Ashes to Ashes

OD 7 (3abs)

1st Amantra Shoji 2nd Choya Alfie Boe 3rd Sansarc Ashes to Ashes VHC Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine

Special Open R/w D/b 5 (2 abs)

1st Alstella Saffron 2nd Roseheavens Fire Dancer at Spiritisle 3rd Charnell Kichi at Spiritisle


1st Shalarna Miss Fame At Harlouville 2nd Ouzelewell's Aya 3rd Bonniroy Yasuki Aka

PB 7 (2 abs)

1st Sansarc Sweet Kotia at ClanDonald 2nd Sansarc Magnificient Charta 3rd Bonniroy Yanina Aka Res Omikudzi Argentina VHC Roseheavens Fire Dancer at Spiritisle

JB 5 (3abs)

1st Alstella Saffron 2nd Diola's Redheart Dalia

NB 12 (4 abs)

1st Sansarc Magnificient Charta 2nd Jonsville Saucy Secret 3rd Roseheavens Fire Dancer at Spiritisle Res Ellinghurst Ani I Cute

PGB 15 (6abs)

1st Yama Aurora 2nd Jonsville Secret Smile 3rd Alstella Charisma Res Bonniroy Yatsuko VHC Charnell Kichi at Spiritisle

LB 5 (2abs)

1st Sleepyhollow Tikle My Fancy 2nd Sansarc Livia Drusilla 3rd Bonniroy Yasafi

OB 4 (2 abs)

1st Ellinghurst Bling Bling 2nd Charnell Kichi at Spiritisle


Judge Mrs Liz Cartledge

V. 1 Wallhead's Dekobras Gold Kard at Merida, 10
years plus r/w bitch, very bright veteran who never stopped showing, very well
proportioned with silky coat & good body, feminine head, hare feet, very
well handled; 2. McDonald's Clan Donald Kumika, nearly 8, r/w bitch with
appealing head & expression, carrying a bit of surplus weight, moved ok

in good form, very pleasing head & expression, expressive dark eyes, good body & coat, well presented & handled; 2 Quinn's Mattadam Samurai at Sharlana, 2 years b/w, could use his neck better, masculine head, big nostrils, definitely astonished looking, silky coat, good body.  LD 1 Blow & Allen's Wyndcatch Take it Easy, 2 years b/w, masculine head & outlook, open nostrils, well cushioned muzzle, well turned out cost & plenty of it, moved & showed well; 2 Reeves Sargant & Diment's Vouges Roryaru Kotogara Alstella, 2 years b/w, better size than winner, well proportioned with good outline, showed well. Failed in front movement OD 1 RBD Jackson's amantra Shoji, 2 years b/w, very good size & type, square outline, most attractive head, typical expression, eyes showing a little white in the inner & corners, unique to this breed, once she put her mind to it.MPD. 1 Vincent & Speight's Bonniroy Yumi Aka at Yama 8 months r/w, on his own here & would have preferred a bit of company, quality head, short muzzle, dark expressive eyes, lovely coat & body, clean & well presented, charming personality.  At the moment looks a bit long cast & needs to firm up in movement. PD 1 BP, BIS, Vincent & Speight's Yama Teddy Edward, 10.5 months b/w, real class act, wonderful head & expression, I could look at him all day, relaxed happy showman, super body, good topline & quarters, beautifully clean coat.  Very well presented.  Real aristocrat who must have a great future.  Still a tad loose in front but he has that special look of quality, type & style.  JD 1 George's Sharlana The Tempest at Amronchi, 15 months b/w, square outline, excellent body & topline, attractive head, dark eyes, well coated & presented, high set tail, quite a stylish mover & showman; 2 Smith's Sansarc Grand Toriano, yearling b/w, got his tail up on the move but looked a bit sorry for himself when standing, silky coat, sympathetically handled, dark eyes, good expression.  Slightly long cast at the moment. PGD 1 Leach's Ouzelewell's Horoki, b/w of nearly 2, comfortable winner for me, surefooted young dog

PB 1 McDonald's Sansarc Sweet Katiac Clandonald 11 months b/w, I love her head, eyes & expression, clean wsell presented coat, engaging personality and loves the world! Good topline & body, moved & showed nicely.  Front could be firmer. 2 Benton Taylor's Sansarc Magnificent Charta, litter sister to 1. Dainty puppy who showed with focus, square outline, feminine head but I preferred expression of her sister, well handled.  JB 1 Reeves Sargant & Diment's Alstella Saffron 2 Leach's Diala's Redheart Dalia, 10 months, just would not relax today, good coat & body, pretty face, expressive eyes, worth perservering with as she has potential.  NB 1 S Magnificient Charta 2 Evan's Jonsville Saucy Secret 19 months b/w carrying a bit too much weight today which took away a little of her elegance, clean coat, dark eyes PGB BB RBIS 1 George's Yama Auroa, 23 months b/w, great showgirl, lovely face eyes & expression, excellent body, topline & overall proportions, shapely & well balanced, well presented coat, stylish mover.  Escellent type 2 Evan's Jonsville Secret Smile, litter sister to 2nd in NB, 19 months, b/w charming youngster in good form, feminine & self assured, has style on the move, showed herself off well, good body & topline, most attractive head.LB 1 Rowley & Wallhead's Sleepyhollow Tikle my Fancy at Merida, 2.5 years b/w, not in full coat but she has nothing to hide, delightful face, dark intelligent eyes set well apart, appealing expression, easy mover, well handled & conditioned; 2 Benton Taylor's Sansarc Livia Drusilla 3 years b/w, feminine little bitch who wagged her tail & was trying to please but she was panting quite a lot & wasn't 100% relaxed, good coat OB 1 Boyer's Ellinghurst Bling Bling 4 years, quality head, dark eyes full of expression, excellent coat, body & condiion, showed well, well presented & handled, good overall proportions, in a bit of a rush on the move & not quite in rhythm; 2 C Kicki at S 4.5 years r/w, good honest bitch, firm body, showed better in this class, hare feet, silky coat