Southern Japanese Chin Club Show March 2018 Results and Critique

For the love of the Chin

Best Dog, Best R/W and BIS Davidson's Omikudzi Don Juan at Sharlana

Best Bitch and RBIS Rooney and Green's Swifthocks Paws for Thought

Best Puppy Quinn's Sharlana Japanese Please

Best Veteran Quinn's Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine Sh Cm

Judge - Mr Steve Cayton

I was delighted and honoured to be invited to judge this club show and I would like to thank all the exhibitors that entered and travelled their dogs for me to judge and accepting my placing with grace and good sportsmanship.  A huge thank you must go to all the committee for the warm welcome and the lovely gift of alcohol and chocolate, they obviously know me well.

Not having judged this breed for some time I was pleasantly surprised by most of the exhibits, there was certainly a couple that I would love to be able to show myself.

Veteran D/B

1st Quinn's Dekobras Bring Me Sunshine SHcm, 7 yrs b/w dog, stood alone in his class in great condition and very well presented. Masculine head with good dark eyes and a well cushioned muzzle, moved well covering the floor well, one of the best back ends of the day, was delighted to award him Best Veteran in Show

MPD 3(2)

1st Cushing's Ennistars Katsero Akio at Spiritisle, this young man was literally just 6 months and at his first show.  slightly over awed by the event, pleasing head and a lovely eye and expression.  He is totally raw as you would expect but he coped really well with the situation.

PD 3(2)

1st Davidson's Tillashby Russian Infusion, almost 12 months, pleasing in all aspects. slightly hesitant on the move but sound throughout, lovely head and reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders, still a baby in many aspects, would of preferred slightly more covering on his body.  Presented to perfection BPD

JD 2(1)

1st Benton Taylor's Sansarc Jacobean, 15 months old and full of energy and mischief. fabulously cobby and well covered body, he was a lovely shape when he decided to stand still, very excitable which did hinder his movement and gave his handler a harder job, pleasing head and expression

ND 1

1st Reeves-Sargant and Diment's Alstella Pure Gold. 20 month old boy, the colour of this boy was stunning, fine boned but with a lovely cobby body, typical head and good reach of neck, good texture coated and presented well. moved freely in all directions with a good straight back end


1st Reeve's-Sargant and Diment's Alstella Midnight N Roses. 21 month old boy, good cobby body if slightly overweight, didn't hinder the movement on this boy.  Well laid shoulders and a good straight front. this boy was very happy with his time in the ring.

2nd Boyer's Choya Alfie Boe to Ellinghurst, 2.5 years old, larger type of boy, more rangy than 1, slightly hesitant but handler told me he has had a bad experience at a show, taking this into account he showed well, moving well around the ring, good coat and well presented

LD 2

1st Schemel's Chinart Yunagi, 2yr old boy, lovely shape with good body and well laid shoulders and a well angulated back end. Typical head with a lovely dark eye.  Moved well, although I felt he would be better to be moved on a looser lead.  Good textured silky coat, presented well RBD 

2nd Russell's Sansarc Shisiedo of Alnesaire, 5 yr old , lovely shape on this boy, great body and well angulated.  Pleasing expression with a lovely eye, well cushioned muzzle.  Coat could use some attention, struggling to compete with the presentation and finish of 1

OD 4

1st Davidson's Omikudzi Don Juan at Sharlana (Imp Rus) I loved this 3 yr old boy from the minute I saw him enter the ring,  smaller type to many other males entered today but he is totally balanced with no extremes. Typical head, well cushioned muzzle and lovely dark eye showing just the right amount of white for that expression many aim to achieve.  Lovely reach of neck flowing down into well laid shoulders, just the right amount of rib that I wanted to find.  He moved around the ring with ease holding a great top line, slightly close at times, although not ideal for me it didn't distract from the many other qualities of this boy, good silky coat that was presented to perfection. So very pleased to award him BD and later BIS, B R/W

2nd Schemel's Sharlana Mirage, this 2 yr old boy is heavier and more cobby than 1, everything was where I would want and expect it to be, moving soundly around the ring, he was just unlucky to meet 1 in this class, this doesn't detract from his qualities

3rd Gamble's Amantra Shoji

Res Blow and Allen's Wyndcatch Take it Easy

Special Open R/w D/B 4

1st Schemel's Hin Satori Terr a Kot (Imp Russ) larger and heavier than I would usually go for, slightly stubborn for his handler today, seemed to do everything asked of him but not willingly. Loved his air of self-importance, he moved ok but it was almost on his own terms, great depth of colour and was very well presented

2nd Cushing's Ennistars Katsero Akio at Spiritisle - 1st in MPD

3rd Reeves-Sargant and Diment's Alstella Saffron

Res Cushing's Roseheavens Fire Dancer at Spiritisle

MPB 4(2)

1st Reeves-Sargant and diment's Alstella Sugar Plum, 8 months old, lovely to go over while on the table, however wasn't so sure on the move and refused to put her tail up while on the mats, such a shame but I am sure her confidence will grow on experience

2nd Russell's Alnesaire Cha Cha Chaaa, 8 months old, another little girl not happy at all, either on the table or on the mats, making it hard to go over her properly. Smaller in type than 1, but again I hope her confidence will grow with experience

PB 5 (1 w/d1)

1st Quinn's Sharlarna Japanese Please, 11 months old I absolutely adored this young girl, a total delight to go over, everything was where I expected it to be, the most adorable face with the correct expression, lovely length of neck, well laid shoulders and tight elbows, good top line held well while on the move.  BPB, BPIS, if she had made an appearance in my bitch line up I am sure I would of given her higher honours than I did

2nd Davidson's Sharlarna Catwalk, 10 months old, smaller type than 1, longer cast in body, very dainty on the day, she may gain more body as she matures on

3rd Cushing's Glendyke Magical Pixie Girl at Spiritisle

JB 3

1st Rooney & Green's Swifthocks Porsche, 15 months old, adorable expression, lovely dark eye, loved her proportions overall.  Moved well and covered the ground with ease, slightly close behind at times, felt she would move better on a looser lead out in front of her handler, well presented. Iwas however delighted to award her BB, RBIS

2nd Blow and Allen's Yama Misty Morning, sme age and similar in type to 1, not as confident as 1 which always makes for a harder job for the handler, would prefer solid black ears

3rd Cushing's Omikudzi Florentina at Spiritisle

NB 1

1st Davidsons Ennistars Zlata Knyazhna for HIn Satori at Shalarna (imp Rus) 17 months old, pretty bitch, nice to go over, movement was ok, felt she would go better ina  larger ring than we had today


1st Benton Taylor's Sansarc Magnificent 2 yrs old bitch with a fabulous coat and compact body, pleasing expression with a lovely eye.   moved well, was showing a tendency to stand slightly wide on the front

2nd Evan's JOnsville Saucy Secret at Evansly 3 yrs old, this girl was really lovely to go over, but reaon the move and refused to put her tail up which was a shame as it spoilt the overall look of her

3rd Cushing's Omikudzi Florentina at Spiritisle


1st Quinn's Sharlana Miss Fame at Harlouville JW, 23 months old, another lovely bitch to go over, pleasing head and expression, lovely reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good top line, held well on the move. would prefer slightly more angulation behind but this did not detract from her over quality, good silky coat, well presented RBB

2nd Benton Taylor's Sansarc Magnificent

3rd Russell's Sansarc Lilliana of Alnesaire

res Cushing's Roseheavens Fire Dancer at Spiritisle

OB 1

Benton Taylor's Sansarc Livia Drusilla, 3.5 yrs old, lovely cobby body and a great rib, she was slightly out of coat which I was told was down to recently having a litter. she was so very excitable really giving her handler trouble trying to keep her still